Maroun Garden

Maron Garden

KatamounCastle Of Rmeich Bintjbeil


Pisine of Aytaroun Bintjbeil

Ayn Ebel Bintjbeil

kawnine Bintjbeil

Koder Yaroun Bintjbeil

Debel Bintjbeil

Rchaf Bintjbeil

Beit Lif Bintjbeil

Ramia Bintjbeil

Ayta Bintjbeil

AynEbel Bintjbeil

Yater Bintjbeil

Tbnin Bintjbeil

Haris Bintjbeil

Hanin Bintjbeil

AytaAljabal Bintjbeil

MajdalSelem Bintjbeil

Chakra Bintjbeil

Barachit Bintjbeil

Hadatha Bintjbeil

Srobbin Bintjbeil

Kafra Bintjbeil

KafarDonin Bintjbeil

BirASalsel Bintjbeil

Safad Bintjbeil

Bayt Yahoon Bintjbeil

Bayt Yahon

Asoltanieh Bintjbeil

KfarTibneet Bintjbeil

Dayer Intar Bintjbeil

MahmiehWadiAlhejer Bintjbeil

Alkawzah Bintjbeil

AlMajdal Bintjbeil

KerbitSelem Bintjbeil

Burj Kalaway Bintjbeil

Kalaway Bintjbeil

Froun Bintjbeil

SalHani Bintjbeil

salhani bintjbeil

AlGandorieh Bintjbeil


AlTiri Bintjbeil

Jumayjimah Bintjbeil

Bint Jbeil District.

The Bint Jbeil District is a district in the Nabatiyeh Governorate of South of Lebanon. The capital of the district is the Town Bintjbeil, The above 36 municipalities are all located in the Bint Jbeil District.

Location is in Lebanon. the total Area is 102 sq mi (264 km2),

the total of Population is 53,000,

the Time Zone EET (UTC+2) Distance from Beirut is 122, Altitude is 770 (meters), and Surface is 802 (ha). .

BintJbeil Villages

Near the southern Lebanese border stands Bint Jbeil, where a lively market is held every Thursday.The main attractions here include the caves at the nearby town of Tiri, Baraashit with its tobacco plantations, Shaqra, which features modern mansions and the fort of Dubbiyye, an imposing structure from the Crusader era. One of the foremost attractions in the Bint Jbeil area is the Crusader castle located in the village of Tibnin. Standing atop a hill, this stunning structure was built during the 12th century by Hugues de Saint Omer, Governor of Tiberias. The citadel covers 2,000 square meters and preserves some of its original features, including a tower and fortification walls.

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