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BintJbeil has big stadium “Haj Moussa Abbas” and it’s from the list of Lebanese sports stadiums.

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Stadium Divisions

BintJbeil Municipality

The stadium consists of big sale for people and green space for playing, toilets, terraces, rooms, and ring truck, therefore it is mimic the standard Stadium classified by FIFA.

From his visitors Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah, in 2000, in his presentation which is followed by thousands of Lebanese people, as well as the famous speech Iranian president Ahmadinejad in 2008.


Soccer Event inside and outside.

One 90%
Two 70%
Three 80%

Upcoming Events

Public Events and Local

Local2014 Jul - 2015 Sep


Public 2015 Oct - 2017 Jan


Previous Events

BintJbeil Stadium

Jibshit and 3ayn B3aal 27-may-2017

Jibshit, is the champion of the sixteenth edition of the sports cycle in Bint Jbeil ,and Al Nahda 3ayn B3aal is in second place.

Bintjbeil and Alnejme Mar 29, 2017

Municipality of BintJbeil supported the football session’s of the martyr leaders, and the matches finished by wining of Bintjbeil stars group against Lebanese stars group (Alnajme lebanese group) 3-2.

Haj Afif Bazzi ,French academy ,and African stars opened school of football.

The mayor of Bintjbeil Engineer Haj Afif Bazzi opened the football school with famous sports committee from Lebanon and other countries as French academy and African stars in Bintjbeil city. 1-june-2017

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3owayene Street, Bintjbeil City,AlNabateye, Lebanon