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Welcome to Bintjbeil Families

Hello,this Overview about Citizen originsbased in Researches.

The goal of Bintjbeil Family Guide is overview about the Bintjbeil Discrit Family . if any mistake please contact us to justify.

Bintjbeil Genology

List of Bent-Jbayl Families

This is a complete list about Bintjbeil’s families , based on the Lebanese official Statics , also based on my own assemble and researches.

There are no clear, concise answers to why or how one of your Lebanon ancestors took on the surname. It may have been based on their occupation or a distinguising physical trait. Keep in mind that it was not unusual for a last name to be altered as an ancestor entered a new country.

the Table(s) below has a list Bintjbeil Genology

Families of Bintjbeil Discrit AlNabateye Region South of Lebanon
Bazzi Family Baython Family Saad Family Charara Family Jomaa Family Hawrani Family
Faraj Family Chami Family Dabaja Family Karnib Family Ayoub Family Maki Family
Abdallah Family Boussi Family Hmoud Family Daklallah Family Dager Family Al-Achkar Family
Alsagir Family Naser Family Alachi Family Mrowi Family Harb Family AlSabbagh Family
Jouni Family Abbas Family Alsayed Family Hmadi Family Hmayed Family Jaber Family
Achi Family Taleb Family Haydous Family Harajli Family Hamka Family Hamka Family
Qlait Family Abbou Alaywi Family Tanana Family Haidar Family Rida Family Jaafar Family
Salami Family Mustafa Family Qazan Family Alsaid Dib Family Atwi Family Darwich Family
Daher Family Saleh Family Sleiman Family Farhat Family Fakih Family Fadlallah Family
Dirani Family Daaybes Family Bitar Family Dorra Family Fawaz Family Bou Dib Family
Daw Family Irani Family Baalbaki Family Bou Taam Family Bou Mjeir Family Baker Family
Idris Family Alhakim Family Aldaaboul Family Hazimi Family Fayad Family Hreich Family


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